Key features:

  • Packaging - each product is packed in a separate box with an unique label containing a barcode and brief product description
  • User profile - personal details, shopping history
  • Categorization - choosing from a treelike structure
  • Filtering and searching to facilitate the search of particular products
  • Shopping cart - automatic reservation of the product for a particular time
  • Payment and checkout – linked through ePay accounts and credit cards
  • Storing – each product has a unique warehouse “address”, used for product retrieval
  • Retrieval - generating a list of products for retrieval after a purchase is made
  • Expedition - generating shipping documents for expedition by integrating the courier’s system after the products are retrieved and counted.

The Business Challenge

Contour is an online retail business focusing on the distribution of brand new and secondhand goods such as clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. To help achieve their primary business goal of establishing a strong and long-lasting presence on the market, Upnetix created an unique and engaging web-based platform. We were the best fit for this challenging endeavour to design and develop from scratch a complex system that can be logically divided into 3 major parts - Manufacturing, Warehousing and Online distribution.

The Result

With this system we have created from the ground up an entire new business tailor-made for the client. Nothing would have been possible without the system designed and developed by Upnetix.

  • Optimization of all the production processes, designed to be scaled by adding additional personnel with separate roles
  • Rapid growth in sales as a new brand (and domain name) with no previous online history
  • Entering a market niche
  • Improving product and information accessibility through removing geo-limitations

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