Custom Software Development

In today's never-ending technological advance every business needs to constantly innovate and reshape its strategy. We at Upnetix will help you lead the market and prevail over your competition with premium custom software solutions.  No matter if you’re aiming at improving your back-office processes’ efficiency or if you’re planning to enhance your mobile and web channels, we’re here to guide you in the digital world.

Native iOS & Android Development

B2C Mobile Apps and Enterprise Mobility   have become mainstream.  Our customers are now focused on next-generation mobile solutions. These include pixel-perfect UI/UX and embracing trending engagement solutions such as Augmented Reality. Furthermore, we are taking to the next level the usage of the smartphone capabilities: one cannot even imagine the innovations we have created using for example the device’s accelerometer and geolocation capabilities. Our tremendous expertise in Native Mobile brings huge benefits to our customers. We cover all the Native platforms with an unmatched scalability and know-how. Moreover, we consult our clients on the mobile go-to-market approach from the conversion strategy to the back-office and processing services selection (e.g. payment provider).

Next Generation Web Platforms

Providing cutting-edge web solutions to your users is the key to achieve success in the highly competitive web environment or to improve your employee engagement. Our customers have entrusted us the design and development of sophisticated web platforms and web apps, most of them with multi-tenant capabilities in global deployments.  After engaging with us you will benefit from our early technology adoption program and you will always stay ahead of your competition in terms of web innovation and solution efficiency.

Business Ready Middleware Solution

Your efficiency is the main pillar of your competitiveness in the constantly-disrupted world economy. We have built for you our own middleware framework that has emerged from our numerous integration projects. The Middleware Solution is based on the best practices in creating Mobile APIs, Web APIs and Services Facades. It will boost your digital project by seamlessly and securely serving your customers and employees. It will focus the development effort on the most important part of the project: the customer & employee - facing applications.

Extensive 360° Mobile & Web Analytics

Every strategy, approach or decision is nothing more than a wild guess if it is not backed up with real data. Supporting your actions and strategy based on users’ feedback is vital for your business. We will integrate the best mobile and web analytics platforms and providers depending on your technology environment. Our customers were able to monitor their engagement on various channels based on Google Firebase Analytics, Qlik and many others.


Regardless if you are planning to further integrate your existing software infrastructure or to build a new custom corporate solution, we will provide to you our award-winning enterprise software development services. From the earliest stages of defining the business outcomes and the solution strategy, our core software experts are dedicated to delivering an enterprise solution tailored to your specific needs. Our Enterprise customer base spans across various verticals: healthcare, manufacturing, telecom/ISP, retail and others. No matter your custom processes and constraints, our team of analysts, architects, product managers and software engineers will quickly grasp the specifics of your business and bring value to your organization from day one.

Cloud Accelerated Software Solutions

We are a cloud-enabled and cloud-savvy custom software solutions provider. We understand your short time-to-market deadlines and your goals to benefit from the API economy.  We are closely collaborating  with the key Cloud, PaaS and SaaS providers like Google, IBM and Microsoft. Our Solution Architects will provide to you a practical advice on the most suitable as-a-service solution for your business based on your target markets, non-functional requirements and budget. We would always advise you not to reinvent the wheel and benefit from a cloud service or API that provides ready-to-use functionality and data. In this way, our customers see our services as a high-value asset that is spent only on enabling custom business functionalities.

Case Studies

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A native self-care app for the mobile services of ALBtelecom. It gives customers flexibility and access to their profiles round the clock, The app is available for iOS, Andoird and Windows phone and includes various functionalities and features.

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Comac Medical

Comac Medical has initiated a collaboration with Upnetix to create a software solution that optimizes the management of the business processes. That is how the ERP system “Pathways” was born, addressing issues like risk of errors in data processing, controlling and monitoring of multilateral activities and high consumption of resources.

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VBOX7 is the largest video sharing portal in Bulgaria with over 2.1 million monthly unique visitors. Upnetix was brought onboard with the mission to bring the slick and smooth mobile experience which an online platform of this magnitude deserves. We engineered amazing native apps, available not only for iOS and Android mobile devices but also for iPad and Android tablets.


Upnetix handled the project from the beginning with great responsibility and commitment. They provided niche consultancy for best user experience practices and we relied on their experience to optimize the project performance, delivery and deployment. Their flexible approach and dedicated team ensured that the Self-Care Mobile Apps were delivered within the budget and on time, combined with an extremely high solution quality. We continue to rely on them for supporting the solutions after their deployment.

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Sonila Profili

Head of BSS Division, ALBtelecom
Upnetix are an extremely reliable partner and have demonstrated their expertise, flexibility and commitment during all of the numerous projects we have worked together on. Their quality to optimize the performance of the solutions and over-deliver on the expected results are second to none. I highly recommend their services, especially for their professional approach and ability to deliver tailored solutions to our needs.


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Cvetan Rusimov

COO, Imperia Online

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