Our Team is growing. You will too.

Be Part of the Team

With a team of over 120 highly motivated and experienced professionals, Upnetix is among the largest enterprises in South-Eastern Europe when it comes to software development. Here you will have the opportunity to grow, work on engaging and exciting projects and challenge the tomorrow with us!

Upnetix Social Benefits

We respect and reward achievement. Therefore, in order to demonstrate our gratitude towards our team members, we have a unique social policy. Here are some of the social benefits and bonuses that Upnetix provides:

Additional Health Insurance
Bank Service Preferences
Parties and Team Buildings
Bonus: Newborn and Kindergarten
Healthy Lunch
Free Beverages
Fresh Fruit
Game Hall
After Hours Beer
Shopping Discounts
Football Team in the IT League
Flexible Working Hours
Home Office

Open Positions

Grow with us!

During the years we've seen many people who say they can integrate novice members in their structures but fail. In our corridors, you will see many individuals who are just in their early twenties but are already experts in software development, working with big clients on responsible and engaging projects! Be sure that by joining our team you can really grow and broaden your expertise!


Probably the biggest thing that connects us all is that each of us has a cause to fight for! It could be a common one we all feel related to or even a personal one that the team will do its best to help with. It could be something as big as a software academy providing developers to the whole IT sector or just planting trees in the park, but it helps the world feel like a better place to be. This is the secret that turns your colleagues into an inspiration!

group photos
group photos