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“There is a gap in the procurement of IT outsourcing for local companies in Bulgaria”

12 Oct 2015

Radoslav Gaydarski, COO of Imperia Mobile, interview for

What are the reasons behind the creation of Imperia Mobile?

"The idea for establishing a software outsourcing company was formed in the beginning of 2015 and in May we founded “Imperia Mobile”. Our intention was inspired by numerous inquiries we received over the years from other firms and acquaintances, who wanted custom-made software solutions. Finally we realized there is great potential in the market for outsourcing services and we dived head on into the business segment."



What is the main business focus of “Imperia Mobile”?

"Our brand implies our goals - “Imperia Mobile” aims to deliver high-quality mobile applications. At least that was our initial idea, however, currently we are occupied with all sorts of software customization. We really do try to keep our focus on mobile technologies and web-based systems like Single Page Applications, but we also work on embedded software, having already completed one project for an American company producing pacemakers. Our software product is used for statistical data gathering from the pacemaker and the patient’s organism as a whole. The information then is used not only by doctors but also by the company producing the medical equipment striving to improve its product. We have the capabilities to develop more similar products for various devices, because we believe IoT is the future of Information Technology."



How many projects have you delivered so far?

"In the short time of the company’s existence we have over 10 successfully completed projects and at the moment we are working on 10 more, which should be finished by the first quarter of 2016."



Which are your main markets and type of clients, and is there already a stiff competition in the IT outsourcing sector?

"Our main market of operation for now is in Bulgaria, nevertheless we plan to expand into the international markets. Our clients are from various industries – Health Care, Telecoms, Media, Video Streaming and many more. As far as competition goes, there is practically none in Bulgaria if we have to be honest. All the big players target different clients in different countries and it is extremely rare for a given project to compete more than one Bulgarian company. They all aim for markets outside Bulgaria, where the possibilities are limitless. That is why I don’t believe we have direct competition yet. What we are all competing for is, in fact, qualified IT specialists in the country."



What are your expectations for growth?

"We are certainly not one of those companies that sets a goal like “300 employees by 2016, 500 – by 2017”. Their growth rate are usually at the expense of internal development. However, we do have our own plans for expansion, especially the outsourcing division as we currently work on external projects with 20 IT specialists, but next year they will probably be around 40-50. We strive for slow but stable, constant and controllable growth."



How do you see the development of IT outsourcing in Bulgaria and which are the main challenges in the sector?

"The outsourcing industry in Bulgaria is developing wondrously considering the strong companies, which have already positioned themselves on the market. The turbulent buildup of IT outsourcing is the result of the high quality of services provided. As a matter of fact, in Bulgarian companies procure extremely time and cost-efficient services, while keeping their quality of performance intact.  That is why there are so many outsourcing projects situated in the country. Unfortunately, prices have gone up and quality has suffered due to the lack of IT specialists. Precisely here lies the biggest challenge for Bulgaria to become a leading outsourcing center for Europe. Despite this major drawback, our holding group “Imperia Online” has founded an opportune academy “IT Talents”, which proves invaluable in our attempt at growth."


Which are the leading trends in the IT outsourcing for the past year and will they influence it in the future?

"Mobile applications and internet solutions will continue to be hot topics in the industry. At present, the whole world is becoming mobile and the online traffic is already at 75% via mobile devices. People are starting to use more and more smartphones and tablets for everything – reading the paper, social networking, watching photos and even movies. But these trends are also being transferred in the business world. Companies have become more competitive and agile, thanks to the implementation of mobile technology. Another big trend which has recently made a lot of noise is the Internet of Things and Imperia Mobile is all over it, having already completed a couple of projects in the field."



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