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Maximizing benefits from Single Page Application, instead of blindly following the hype

13 Mar 2018

SPA advantages have a vital role in creating an app that offers optimal user experience (UX), great speed, flexibility, and functionality.

To remain competitive, the successful companies adopt methods and technologies able to meet the growing customers’ expectations for a delightful user experience (UX), speed, simplicity and responsiveness.


UX directly impacts business outcomes. That's why many organizations are starting to use the Single Page Application (SPA) web architecture to build modern web apps with zero time for bad UX.


What is SPA (Single Page Application)? Why do SPA benefits matter?


Simply put, SPA is a web app that interacts with the users as dynamically rewrite the current page instead of going to the server to load the whole new page.


In other words, when users start navigating, the page does not entirely reload. Only the new data pass over the wire.


This approach of avoiding constant page reloads leads to a more native-app-like experience and lower response time.


Besides, there are much more values your app can gain utilizing SPA benefits. The main of them are:


  • Serves the idea of an outstanding UX


When a page load and reload continuously, this causes a frustrating user experience.

By trying to provide a more "natural” browser environment (with no page reloads), SPA allows your app to interact better with users and to offer more streamlined and fluid user experience.


  • Makes the app faster


Because users only load what they need, the app works with increased speed and productivity. Studies show over 20% of the web visitors will leave the webpage if the load time overruns 3 seconds. A Walmart case study shows that every 100 ms decline in page loading time leads to a growth in incremental revenue by up to 1%.


  • Flexible UI Design with better functionality


SPA supports rich interactions and the capability to have numerous components in a single page with many possible intermediate states (such as menus, selections, etc.).

Supporting rich capability is a valuable feature, especially when it comes to offering best UX and flexible UI design to your users.


  • More effective and lower cost apps


SPA allows developers to reuse the same code for the web app. This reusability promotes adapting and enhancing the products. Reused components are also known to have a lower defect density.


Thus, the maintenance cost and development time are lowered and apps are more effective.


All of those SPA benefits provide an improved app performance. As any other new model, single page app has some challenges. The main of them are:


  • SEO-optimization


SPA can make it harder for search engines (such as Google) to recognize the page as relevant to the keywords written on the Web.


  • The client must enable JavaScript


As SPA is built with JavaScript, it should be enabled in the client browser.


How can Upnetix maximize the benefits of SPA?


Upnetix combines all of the robust elements of SPA (such as performance, reusable components, and scalability) to ensure the development of easy-to-use, responsive and clean single page apps.


Our development team offers in-depth expertise in advanced JavaScript frameworks (like Angular and React) to create outstanding SPA development services which deliver optimal user experience.


Thus, we can achieve:

  • Efficiency and speed


We utilize the best of JavaScript frameworks for quick web app development. Instead of having hundreds of lines of code, we achieve much faster product development with well-structured prebuilt functions and with the famous AngularJS code reusability.


  • Development safety


The  top JS frameworks provide strict security arrangements. Also, we can code the sensitive and crucial elements on the server side.


  • Flexibility that suits your needs


Our expert understanding of JS frameworks allows us to modify or replace every feature to suits your needs and development workflow. Also, supported by the framework’s capability, developers are able to introduce the new features more quickly.


  • Secure and verified functionality of your app


Easy testability as one of the key features of AngularJS aims to relieve test-driven development. We use and enhance this feature to drive tests that verify your app’s functionality from the day one.


  • Better SEO for your SPA


Following the SEO best practices for SPAs (such as using HTML 5 new features, Google's instructions and etc.), we have overcome the major challenge of single page apps - non-indexable content. Moreover, we have successfully implemented our SEO solution in a number of projects, e.g. the social media platform for healthcare CredoWeb. Our experience allows us to make SPA highly crawl-able and to boost it for search engine optimization.


All of those things allow us not only to create smooth, seamless, and outstanding user experience of your app but also to follow our passion for helping clients maximize the potential of the latest technologies.