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Leading IT Outsourcers advise to always diverse and innovate!

20 Jan 2016

Top IT outsourcing companies target cross-industry customer base by offering Cloud solutions and innovative technology platforms. Last year Cognizant gained more in revenue than WiPro, Tata Consultancy Services and InfoSys altogether

Numbers show that last year Cognizant gained more in revenue than WiPro, Tata Consultancy Services and InfoSys altogether. What did Cognizant do differently than the other IT Outsourcing titans? Analysts say it’s because of Cloud solutions and analytics in addition to having the top IT spenders in the financial industry as clients.


IT services companies are proud to say that they understand your business and normally cover only several verticals, which are most likely to outsource. The usual customer base is focused in Telecoms, Banks, Education, Utilities and Government. Thus one of the main reasons behind some outsourcers’ success and others’ plateau is that the first have the top spenders as their customers, while the others are dealing with organizations that are cutting costs, like for example with Cisco.


The runners-up can improve the bottom lines and return to healthy Y2Y growth curves by diversing their customer base and approaching organizations with different business activities. No doubt, such initiatives will require significant investments and possibly buyouts to position the IT outsourcer in new industry domains.


It appears CIOs who like to outsource also strongly encourage the use of Cloud technologies and other IT transformation techniques. This points out to another distinctive feature of a leading IT outsourcer – providing Cloud, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services, which aims to relieve the customer from the huge data processing loads and to provide them with comprehensive consultancy on the matter.


Looking forward to seeing the winners in the 2016 contest: we expect IT service provides with vast cross-industry portfolios and innovative technology platforms to get the prize.