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Is your Enterprise Mobility Strategy up-to-date?

09 Feb 2016

Leading companies are constantly analyzing new possibilities to bring even more mobility into their core activities. Enterprise mobility is not just a whim, but a necessity for today’s fast-paced business world

Companies nowadays put in a lot of effort to integrate their information systems with intelligent applications in order to be more agile, more productive, and of course more mobile. Enterprise mobility allows business processes to step out of office and work hours boundaries, while providing flexibility to employees, subcontractors, partners and clients. Despite the significant productivity benefits, mobility can also bring about some security and management issues. The question remains how to find balance between mobility, management of business processes and data protection.


In 2016 mobile strategy development is already mandatory for every business model. By implementing an efficient and attainable mobile strategy a company can improve the ROI of its ERP and CRM systems, conduct business in real time, improve its decision making processes and gain an edge on the market. There are two possible ways to go – full standardization and control by providing corporately owned devices or applying the “Bring Your Own Device” policy. Both methods imply Mobile Device Management adoption, but companies should keep in mind that BYOD requires significantly more administrative and IT resources, but also bears more dynamic flows in the workforce.


Mobile business applications have become, more often than not, custom-made solutions, developed specially for a particular Line of Business within a company. However, there are some key preconditions for a successful corporate mobility implementation that one should consider beforehand:


  • Create your mobile policies before procuring technology
  • Integrate your mobile strategy with the corporate web portals
  • Establish a strict process for app development with focus to security
  • Automate QA and security testing
  • Constantly update you apps and the devices’ software
  • Engage your employees and partners to use the mobile solutions



Considering the IT cost optimization a lot of companies choose a mobile strategy based on responsive web applications or cross-platform development. On the one hand, web applications are adequate for simple business processes, however, in most cases they fail to arrive at the desired business effect. On the other hand, cross-platform solutions also show from experience that the automatically generated apps for iOS, Android and Windows seldom succeed in meeting the client’s expectations. That is why we recommend native app development, which will allow a company to reach its full potential for enterprise mobility.


Information security is probably the most important non-functional requirement for corporate apps. First of all, a company should establish and enforce a consistent mobile device security framework via an integration layer at the enterprise edge. This software layer continuously builds new accessible services with each new app release. The next important task at hand is to place the corporate applications and data in а separate container which is completely isolated from personal employee information. Furthermore, the security monitoring of devices and their software should be centralized in an apt MDM system which can enforce device passcodes settings, protect data with encryption and data loss prevention settings, and quarantine or selectively wipe business data from non-compliant devices.


Enterprise mobility is today’s reality in each and every industry. Leading companies are constantly analyzing new possibilities to bring even more mobile features into their core activities. Considering the app market engulfment of personal and business life, keeping up-to-date with the latest mobile technology could have a tremendous positive effect on your company’s development.


Imperia Mobile is more than ready to help transcend your business outside office limitations and turn it into an agile enterprise with custom mobile solutions, crafted specially for your business needs.