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Growing mHealth market demands focus on mobile apps security

15 Jan 2016

Form preventive apps which aim to establish better health habits to authentic apps for particular conditions the mHealth market should make no compromise regarding information security and reliability.

Form preventive apps which aim to establish better health habits to authentic apps for particular health conditions, we can now use virtual assistants on our smartphones to help us lose weight, reduce stress, smoke less and even find a supportive community for addiction problems. There are also apps for serious health conditions like diabetes, chronic kidney and heart diseases, which track and monitor our vitals, and many more.


Mobile health market is estimated to have over 500 million smartphone users worldwide by the end of 2015, including health care professionals and patients. By 2018, the number of users could rise to more than 3.4 billion.


The more mHealth populates the app stores, the more questions arise on the administrative and technical concerns regarding patient data. How secure is the app your organization is providing to your patients? How secure are your monetization and ad networks, if you are providing your app for free? Do we need to advise or push mobile device management to our patients to be sure that we can wipe the information on a smartphone if it gets stolen or lost? Is your mobile solution reliable enough to enable patients to count on it for critical reminders and data tracking?


It is crucial for organizations with mobile health apps to double-check on app security - 76% of health app users indicated they would change providers if they knew the app they were using is not secure. That is why mobile development best practices and thorough security testing against known vulnerabilities is mandatory with each app release.


We at Imperia Mobile are also concerned in the matter. We work in the connected industry to transform health care delivery and create opportunities for patient self-management. We build our mHealth apps without compromise to information security and reliability embracing IoT and biotech trends and last, but not least, delivering exceptional mobile experiences.