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From Sofia to Tehran and back: potential business relations between Bulgaria and Iran

15 Mar 2016

The Bulgarian-Iranian Business Forum took place in Tehran last week. Around 70 Bulgarian and 100 more Iranian companies & associations, among which was IMPERIA MOBILE, participated in the event with the aim to discuss plans for potential partnership

Imperia Mobile was among the 170 participants in the Bulgarian-Iranian Business forum held on March 7th in Tehran, Iran. The focus of the event was on fostering the business relations between enterprises from the two countries. The conference was targeted at companies from several sectors including: Information communication and technology, food industry, textile industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, energetics and energy efficiency, bank and financial services, among others. Bulgaria was represented by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Lyuben Petrov, who stated the readiness of the government to support joint business initiatives between Bulgarian and Iranian companies.  


According to Valiollah Ahami-Rad, the director of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, there is scope for partnerships between Bulgarian and Iranian enterprises, especially with the abolishment of the visa requirements. The aim of the two countries is to foster international trade further, where transportation & logistics, metallurgy and ICT are the industries with the highest potential for international trade of goods and services.


Apart from the myriad of restrictions, namely the protective economic policy of Iran, there is a growing interest in the ICT sector. Iran, being a country facing a rather slow pace of technological advancement, can benefit for partnering with Bulgarian IT companies through gaining know-how and access to the latest innovations in the industry. On the other hand, the geographical location of Iran can be in favor to Bulgarian SMEs trying to expand their business into the Middle East.