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Early Stakeholder Engagement Through OTA Application Distribution

19 Feb 2018

User feedback is a key factor for an app success and OTA distribution platforms can be powerful tools for building a valuable software product and improve your user satisfaction.

The market for mobile apps is expanding exponentially. The industry, which is already at $1.3 trillion is expected to reach $6.3 trillion by the beginning of 2021, while at the same time doubling it's active users base to over 6 billion worldwide. Not only does this mean a potential goldmine for developers, it also means an extensive range of choices for consumers.


In order for software developers to be competitive, it is crucial to build strong stakeholder engagement as early as possible. An extensive number of internal and external stakeholders have a direct impact on your overall business success, productivity and sales performance.


Users’ feedback (as a key part of stakeholder commitment) is vital for understanding how to build a valuable software product and improve your customers’ satisfaction.


That is why we, at Upnetix, have implemented the practice of beta testing through Over-The-Air application distribution platforms to facilitate users’ feedback at the earliest stage possible, while exhaustively testing the critical application’s functionalities and thus speed up the delivery process.


Why is early user feedback crucial during beta testing?


If your aim is to achieve high level of customer satisfaction, the most valuable keystone is to understand how different groups of users utilize your software product. This is where feedback comes to help you - observe and analyze your users while they are operating with the software.


High quality, improved performance and stability are some of the main values that are achieved by doing beta testing and taking into consideration users’ feedback early on.


By collecting and processing your consumer’s points of view at the right time, you can improve your product before it even goes to the stores, adjust your marketing efforts, increase sales, hence achieve business growth.


Here are some examples of the benefits of gathering early users’ feedback during beta testing:

  • Verify your idea quickly. Collecting insights gives you the opportunity to stay as close as possible to your consumers and to find out how they feel about your app before it reaches mass distribution.
  • Concentrate on the features that users liked the most. You are able to direct your efforts over the right functionalities and achieve much higher quality product in a timely manner by polishing the most enjoyable part of your app.
  • Win your customers in the initial phase. You want satisfied customers that love your app. Beta testers can make this happen when you listen to their response, advice and ideas.
  • Build a better product and improve its rating. The development lifecycle does not end after uploading the apps on the stores. This is the time when the team should be able to focus on fixing bugs and errors, polishing the app, build new features and improve the overall software quality. At the end of the day, constant improvements are interlinked with customer satisfaction leading to increase of the app’s rating.


How Upnetix can help?


From development to execution, the OTA distribution platforms are capable of giving every team member a comprehensive understanding of your mobile app's performance at every step.


We go far beyond just using the distribution platforms and offer advanced service allowing us to streamline your app deployment process, monitor all of your testers and distributŠµ app updates over-the-air.


Here is how we achieve high-quality solution using OTA distribution for beta testing:


  • Provide a crash reporting fix bugs quickly. We have the information about the app crashes at the right time.
  • Keep your users updated easily. Your users simply have to install the app and they are ready to be notified of new versions or features on iOS Android.
  • Giving your consumers an effortless method for expressing their feedback. By implementing an easy way to understand your users’ perspective, you can avoid bad reviews. Your users are the main source of seamlessly important feedback and suggestions on what could be improved.
  • Implementing user metrics. This way you gain valuable insight of how users are utilizing the app. Metrics like daily or monthly active users, new registrations, engagement, etc. can help you discover key variables and dependencies in your consumers’ behavior on the one hand, and can identify crucial points for improvement, on the other.


Actually, the OTA distribution platforms bring much more benefits to the table (such as integration with different environments, speeding up the app delivery and etc.) but the above-mentioned ones are the core when it comes to quality, performance, bug detection and usability of an app.


Ultimately, stakeholder engagement could be easily reached only by an easy-to-follow process that involves receiving updates and new versions releases to beta testers before they are distributed to the end users.


In the app development world, appreciating the value of early user feedback is a must and it is the key to project success in today’s crowded mobile market.