Key features:

  • Unified mobile solution to current online presence
  • Responsive mobile web platform with the ability to easily add new web applications
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Specialized back-end system that serves between the internal systems of the National Lottery
  • Software integration of all components
  • Establishment of reliable and high-performance IT environment (Data base processing)
  • Exceptional UI/UX according to the very specific customer’s product requirements, that fully meets consumer expectations for functionality and user experience
  • Support of all components and services with strict and measurable SLA
  • Google maps integration 

The Business challenge

National Lottery is the largest lottery company in Bulgaria with over a million customers across the country. As Internet usage trends continue to shift to the mobile market, the company decided to indulge its customers in premium mobile experience. For that reason National Lottery turned to Upnetix to reinvent its online presence and be able to step confidently into the mobile market. In order to provide a unified mobile solution to current online presence to customers, we developed several parallel IT projects - a mobile website, native iOS and Android applications, specialized back-end software and integration with current systems of the company.

The Result

Due to the unique know-how in the development of mobile and web applications, and the ability to provide on time vast IT resources, we managed to realize a complete digital transformation of National Lottery. The web and mobile applications allow users to manage everything in their accounts on their own which resulted in:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • A significant increase in mobile registrations and payments due to the integration of saved personal data in the device
  • Ability to easily find the nearest lottery tickets post through the maps integration
  • Ability to scan codes of lottery tickets, verify accumulated profit and to collect more VIP points

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