Key features:

  • Auction section - allows users to bid for unlimited number of items, which can be bought at the end of the auctions’ lead time. 
  • Sale section - includes all items that have not been purchased during an auction or have been directly added with a “for sale” status.
  • Easy access to favorite items or items a user is interested in and a listing of all auctions a user has participated in.
  • Complex method of pricing and discounts
  • Categorization and filtering of products
  • Login/Registration & User profile 
  • Shopping cart - automatic reservation of a product for a particular time and opt-out to purchase products after winning an auction.
  • Payment and checkout – integration of ePay payment solution; “Pay on delivery” feature.
  • Storing, Retrieval & Warehouse module – generating an unique ID, based on which the product is distributed to the warehouse base.
  • Expedition - shipping documents and receipts are generated for expedition by integrating the courier’s system.

The Business Challenge

Mania is the largest chain of stores in Bulgaria for trade of second-hand clothing. Following their primary goal to transform the tomorrow’s shopping experience for ordinary people to make it fun and extraordinary for little money spent, Mania has turned to Upnetix to create a new module to their existing website – online auction and bidding section and an online store for products for sale. Drawing on our vast business and technology expertise, our team has created a unique web-platform and CMS for managing the creation and modification of the digital content, that helped Mania establish a strong presence on the market.

The Result

  • Entering a new market and penetration of Mania stores online
  • Extraordinary shopping experience with modern look
  • Improving product and information accessibility through removing geo-limitations
  • Rapid growth in sales
  • Profits from products that could be purchased at a higher price than the pre-set

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