Key Features:

  • Modular business architecture
  • Separation of the duties on the various levels of management
  • Separation of roles in activities related to clinical trials
  • High level of security
  • Manage schedules and trainings
  • Highest possible granularity of data access configuration
  • Specific UX for optimal and intuitive performance of daily tasks
  • Manage the inventory of the devices
  • Specialized search functionality to filter data on selected parameters
  • Common business logic layer, user interface and database
  • Manage the schedule for the preventive maintenance of the devices

The Business Challenge

Comac Medical is the largest Bulgarian clinical research company that operates in 21 countries in Europe, covering population of over 215 million people. Because of the highly specialized and regulated industry, they with Upnetix to develop and implement a software solution to optimize the management of their business processes. That is how the ERP system “Pathways” was born with the sole purpose of addressing issues like risk of errors in data processing, controlling and monitoring of multilateral activities and high consumption of resources

The Result

The Pathways system enabled employees to have a unified and secure user interface where all data and processes related to their projects is available. Comac Medical achieved high operational efficiency in the form of:

  • Over 40% time optimization of the performance of selected business processes
  • Successful start of the digitalization & paperless office initiative
  • Paperwork shrunk with 20% and this percentage is expected to grow significantly in the future
  • Minimize the probability of getting erroneous data and unfinished business processes
  • Substantial increase of the competitiveness of the company
  • Greater ability to scale more clients and process more research and data with the same resources

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