Key features:

  • Native mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile
  • Custom design for each platform
  • Self-care solution, allowing users to manage and configure their own accounts and tariff plans
  • Receive an interactive overview of the user’s profile and consumption of Data, SMS or minutes
  • View and subscribe to Tariff plans, Promotions and Services
  • Pay invoices and top up prepaid accounts via vouchers or bank cards
  • Directly contact customer support representatives and access social media accounts
  • Map for ALBtelecom shops and Wi-Fi spots locations
  • Custom Admin page for managing the content and campaigns
  • Integrated Firebase for iOS and Android and Windows native solutions for mobile analytics and event tracking
  • Push notification integration

The Business Challenge

ALBtelecom is the leading telecommunications company in Albania. The company’s growing business and customer-centric approach led to its desire to empower and create more value for its users. To address that need, we developed a native Self-care app for ALBtelecom’s mobile services which gives customers flexibility and access to their profiles round the clock. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows phone and offers multiple functionalities and features.

The Result

The mobile applications allows users to manage everything in their accounts on their own. This lead to:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Relieve of the customer support and store staff
  • Improved service by customer support and in stores, as they have more time
  • Direct communication, marketing and sales channel to the users for new services, packages and promotions
  • Enabling the telecom to provide more tailored services and solutions to its customers following the invaluable user information collected by the analytics tools
  • Higher revenues, as users can easily subscribe to new promotions and pay invoices through the app

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