Growing Strong

It is at the core of our beliefs that "we trust our colleagues and this is why our clients can trust us." We care about every member of our company and invest in their development. We are proud that we manage to turn employees into believers, clients into partners and every project into a mission worth fighting for.


Radoslav Gaydarski


Radoslav Gaydarski is the CEO of Upnetix, heading the company’s development and business growth on a strategic level and strengthening its position in the market. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and later a Master's degree in Project Management, both in Seattle, USA. His interest in the tech industry started more than 15 years ago, when programming became his passion in high school. Rado has been running companies in the IT sector for more than 11 years already and has extensive experience in managing growth and scaling Software Development companies. A dedicated “semi-pro” paintball player and a PC games fanatic he spends his free time playing both in the real and virtual worlds.

Management Team

Hristo Todorov

VP of Digital Transformation

Georgi Litvinenko

VP of Enterprise Solutions

Deyan Gorinov

VP of Operations

Pollyna Atanassova

Professional Services Director

Valentin Kalchev

Head of iOS Development

Borislav Chomonev

Head of Android Development

Veronika Stoyanova

Head of Front-Еnd Development

Oleg Bushev

Head of Quality Assurance

Anton Lelios

Head of Java Development

Petko Seymenarov

Head of PHP Development

Chavdar Trendafilov

Head of Automation & Performance

Kiril Zhelev

Head of ETRM Services

Rositsa Savcheva

Head of Business Analysis

Yulian Atanasov

Business Development Manager

Kristiyan Bageri

Business Development Manager

Iva Kalcheva

Business Development Manager

Iveta Mateva

Key Account Manager

Ivelin Parvanov

Sales Manager

Dimitar Dimov

Project Manager

Gergana Lukova

Project Manager

Ivaylo Nenkov

Project Manager
manager's profile image

Emanuil Dimitrov

Project Manager

Petya Valcheva

Project Manager

Polina Georgieva

Project Manager

Martin Tanchev

Project Manager

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