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Western Sweden and Bulgaria to join forces in the ICT sector

02 Mar 2016

Erik Behm, Area & Investment Manager ICT of Gothenburg Business Region, visits Bulgaria to discuss future possibilities for partnership with Western Sweden.

Business opportunities in West Sweden was the topic of the recent meeting between Erik Behm, Area & Investment Manager ICT of Gothenburg Business Region, and members of the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM), held on February 11th at Sofia Tech Park. As Sweden expressed interest in collaboration with Eastern European organizations, Mr Bhem presented an overview of the business climate in the Gothenburg Region.


The first half of the meeting was dedicated to the opportunities and challenges in West Sweden. Being in the heart of the Nordic area, Gothenburg takes pride in its thriving ICT sector, where mHealth, eHealth and Logistics & Transportation are among the verticals of utmost importance.  Microwave and mobile technologies, embedded systems, cloud & infrastructure and video gaming are the clusters receiving a lot of support in the form of business fairs, seminars, business intelligence and foreign direct investment.


In the second part of the event, Mr Behm touched on the growing need for partnerships between local and foreign IT companies, as the demand for engineers and consultants goes through the ceiling. Such collaborations could prove beneficial for Bulgarian companies as they will have access to cutting edge technology and may open the door to a greater expansion in Northern Europe. In addition to a great networking opportunity, partnering organizations in Bulgaria can benefit from a hands-on experience in a highly innovative market. Linholmen Science Park, the pride and joy of the Gothenburg Region, is a global arena for technological advancements and collaborations between academic, research institutions and high tech companies such as Ericsson, IBM and Volvo Cars.


Companies attending the event were invited to present their portfolios and strategic plans for the future. In conclusion, Mr Behm announced several upcoming events regarding ICT that can be of interest for Bulgarian organizations wishing to partner with the big names in the Western Swedish ICT sector.


The Swedish interest in Bulgaria as a provider of potential outsourcing partners is far from surprising. The strategic geographical location of the country offers talented and competent workforce within easy reach. In addition, the combination of below average price of services, low tax rates and vast technical know-how attracts many companies from Western Europe.  Financially stable, with favorable business climate, Bulgaria is one of the top destinations for nearshoring.


We at Imperia Mobile are excited to learn more about potential partnerships in Northern Europe, considering our knowledge and experience in nearshore outsourcing. Our mixed-delivery approach allows us to offer timely, reliable and, most of all, tailored service to the businesses we work with. We are eager to share more updates on the matter in the near future.