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Welcome to Sofia – the digital capital of the new markets!

21 Apr 2016

Webit.Festival Europe solemnly announced Sofia as “Digital Capital of the New Markets” and a top destination for innovation, investment and doing business

This week, thousands of digital and tech enthusiasts gathered in Sofia, Bulgaria, to participate in the Webit.Festival, the largest of a number of conferences that the Webit Foundation, chaired by Bulgarian entrepreneur and investor Plamen Russev, is organizing across Europe and Asia. After being held at many venues, the festival is relocating to the organizer’s home country, where it all started in 2008.


The conference took place in the newly opened venue of Sofia Tech Park, welcoming over 5 000 attendees from more than 65 countries to talk about entrepreneurship and technology. The Webit.Festival brought together some of the world’s top enterprise leaders, Europe’s top policy makers and the hottest startups and founders. The agenda included five parallel summits – Marketing & Innovation Summit, Tech Summit, Dev Summit, Smart Cities Summit and New Economy leadership Summit, as well as Webit Night Summit with musical, art and cultural events around the Festival. In the event participated over 250 speakers, some leaders of world-known companies like Google, Philips and MySQL AB, others successful entrepreneurs and fresh startup innovators.


During the opening ceremony of the Webit.Festival the President of the European Committee of the Regions, Markku Markkula, declared that Sofia is the new digital capital of the EU: “Innovations are not a risk, the true risk is their absence. The future of digital technologies is setting up here, in Sofia. I congratulate you on behalf of all European cities that your capital is transforming into a place for startups and exchange of ideas and experience in the field of technology.” This statement is not just an opinion, it’s a fact. Bulgaria has already received recognition in our capabilities in the ICT sector.  Companies like Telerik, Chaos Group, and more recently, Imperia Mobile, have boosted the reputation of Bulgarian engineers and developers around the world. Sofia was even listed among the 10 top cities to launch a startup in an infographic curated by The Brighton School of Business and Management and published by Seedstars World.


We agree, Bulgaria IS the place to be and to develop software during these turbulent and tech driven times. Not only do we have the brain power and resources to engineer great new solutions, but also favorable conditions for doing business. Bulgaria actually has one of the lowest income tax rates (10%) and has one of the fastest internet speeds in the world, which makes it a particularly attractive destination for business investments and collaborations. Slowly but surely, Sofia is transforming into the European center of innovative digital technology and we at Imperia Mobile are proud to be a part of it!