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Top 5 improvements in iOS 9.3 that totally rock

23 Mar 2016

Imperia Mobile's first thoughts on iOS 9.3.

After developers have been enjoying the 7 betas for a while, iOS 9.3 was officially announced at Apple’s “Let Us Loop You In” event 2 days ago. Besides fixing previous bugs, the latest upgrade has some other aces in its pocket. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t postpone the update.


#1 Night Shift


Humans are not accustomed to stare at a screen for a long time, and yet our mobile devices are often the last thing we see before closing our eyes. Night Shift is a completely new feature that prevents you from losing your beauty sleep. It is designed to get rid of the blue tones and adjusts the screen color in the warmer spectrum throughout the day, so that disruptions in sleep quality could be eliminated. It is introduced as a new section under Display & Brightness where you can choose the settings you will be most comfortable with. Night Shift can be scheduled for a specific hour or set on automatic mode which tracks sunset times in the designated location.



#2 More actions


For proud iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus owners, iOS 9.3 will make a big difference as it introduces some quick actions. A deep touch on the “Settings” icon will prompt several menus including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wallpaper and Battery. The AppStore and iTunes are not left out as there are new additions to the quick actions menu. Now, updating all apps and viewing downloads is just a tap away.



#3 Private notes


Besides your thoughts, now you can keep your notes to yourself too. The password and fingerprint protection is quite a big deal as it guarantees that you, and you only, will have access to your ideas. It is up to you to choose the passcode which is irrelevant of your phone lock password. In case you want to push security to the maximum, you can enable the Touch ID and hope not lose a finger in the near future. Additionally, you can sort notes by date and title.



#4 News are getting personal


A new and better algorithm of the News App exposes you to articles that are tailored exactly to your interests. You are likely to see headlines that you actually want to read. In addition, now you can watch videos directly from the feed. The left and right side menus are also pretty cool, adding to the sleek design of the app. Swipe right to dislike and unfollow feed, swipe left to like or share. Yes, it might be a bit confusing for Tinder users.   



#5 Education


Even though this improvement is not targeted to every end-user, we could not help but comment on it. We have previously demonstrated our excitement with Apple conquering vertical markets. As assumed the multi-user mode in iOS 9.3 is already a fact. What’s new is the option allowing teachers to manage all iPads within the classroom so that each student can see the same content. Moreover, the Shared iPad feature and the Managed Apple Id will enable pupils to log in the system from any iPad within the school.