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Screen shattering news: Google and Apple to join forces in 2017

01 Apr 2016

Google and Apple introduce a new smartphone in the summer of 2017. The name of the new launch is iPhone GE (Google Edition) and it is likely to disrupt the hardware market with a force never seen before.

On the eve of their 40th birthday Apple revealed that they have been working on a new hybrid smartphone in cooperation with Google.  The reason for the joint activities of the two companies rests in the rapidly declining market shares of the tech-giants as compared to Microsoft. The details about the new launch are quite scarce but here is what we know so far:


The name


Google and Apple have been working on several names for the new mobile device. Gapple, gPhone, Appgle were among the concept names that the companies were working on. However, as Apple’s CEO Tim Cook outlined in a press release, the working titles have been discarded as they sound like a cheap Chinese counterfeit. The two companies have finally settled on iPhone GE where GE stands for Google Edition. The plans of the two giants are to introduce the new launch as a separate product line.


Hardware and camera


From the gathered information so far, iPhone GE will surely support 3D touch and will offer consumer seamless performance with its 8GB of RAM. The processor will be a custom-made octa-core monster under the name AG10.  Regarding the camera, iPhone GE will rely on 33.2 megapixel rear lens, which will allow filming 8K videos.


The OS


According to the latest tech rumors, Google and Apple have been unable to decide on an operation system for the new device. Thus, iPhone GE will offer a hybrid OS platform under the name of ChOS, where users will have the opportunity to switch between Android and iOS. During startup users can swipe right for iOS or swipe left for Android interface. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai commented that the dual OS platform will ensure smooth transition for both Android and iOS users. In the future, both companies hope to be working on a separate operation system and specific programing languages associated with it. As part of this pending project Apple and Google have been considering of overriding user accounts and combining iCloud with Google Cloud to create ChOS.




The design of iPhone GE will be completely different from what we know. Both companies are currently working on a bendable and flappable smartphone. According to Pichai, the flip phone is not a hardware fad, it is the ultimate consumer experience. He also pointed that there was a whole generation of people used to the badass attitude of the hanging up with a flip.


 As for the colors of iPhone GE Tim Cook noted: “I talked to Sundi about it and we agreed that we should keep the gold and silver shades of previous versions of iPhone, yet we should include more colors as Google has always stood up to its RGB fusion.”


Hence, iPhone GE will be available in the following colors: Space Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Metallic Blue, Ruby Red, Yellowish Gold, Emerald, Milky White and Blackest Black. The different editions have already sparked a heated social media discussion under the title #50ShadesOfiPhoneGE.


Release date


Google voted for May release, while Apple maintained that the device should hit the stores in September as usual. After heated discussions the two companies managed to reach a consensus and they plan to release iPhone GE somewhere in mid-2017.