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Project Manager: The importance of a single point of contact on an IT project

18 Oct 2018


Creating a software project is a long and complex journey with many steps such as: concept, analyzing, design, planning, execution, closing, and growth.


With this in mind, the project manager is an invaluable person to any project’s success.


And in our high-tech and global communication reality, the good project manager should possess much more than some tech skills with project planning abilities.


He must be a leader, great communicator, strategic thinker, coordinator, motivator, quality and risk manager and a quick learner.


The Role Of The Project Manager Within A Software Development Project


Project managers have the main role in initiation, planning, executing, managing, controlling and closing projects.


They are those persons responsible for managing a project from start to finish including project scope, team, and recourses.


In other words, the project manager is the one who forms the big difference between project success or failure.


Let's see some of the key duties and top skills needed for a project manager to be successful:


  • Planning and organizing

Planning and organizing are at the heart of the project management. They involve building a set of plans that defines how the time, quality, resources, risk, and related problems will be managed.


The final goal is a successful project that meets all the business goals and requirements.


  • Coordinating and controlling

The key element of the project manager's work is putting the project plan into action and then coordinating, controlling, and measuring the progress and efficiency.


Project control and coordinating activities (such as: attending all related meetings, metrics checking, changing priorities of tasks, shifting budgets or timeline, gap analyzing, removing knowledge bottlenecks and etc.) are essential tools that ensure the project is on schedule and performance requirements are met.


  • Single point of contact

Known also as a "single point of contact", the project manager act as the primary liaison, creating a close productive relationship between all people involved in the project: managers, team members, and the client.


Actually, the project managers spend the most of their time in communications and managing relationships.


Hence, they must be excellent communicators, who should keep all the stakeholders well informed about targets, expectations, responsibility, results, and feedback.


  • Promoting the team engagement

Engaging the whole team to better project performance is a vital project manager's job.


All the designers, developers, and QAs building the software product must be actively involved in work activities and stay focused on their tasks.


It means the project manager should be a very good motivator, organizer, and leader who is able to guide the teams to high performance.


  • Reporting and presenting

Project managers perform project reports, give presentations, initiate and run meetings, and update the project status on a daily basis.


They should concisely and very clearly present and explain the project reports or other informational materials.


The lack of good presentation and reporting skills can lead to wrong project expectations among the managers and confusion among the team.


  • Ability to predict potential risks

Even the best-planned software project can run into unexpected problems and issues.


The project manager is the one who has to analyze the different situations to predict the possible risks, take appropriate actions to prevent the issues and do his/her best to minimize the bad consequences when the problems are unavoidable.


The Key Values Of Upnetix Project Managers


For more than 10 years, Upnetix project managers lead successfully  various types of software projects such as enterprise solutions, mobile development, web and frontend development, etc.


Their professional approach includes high-quality skills, experience, training, world-class expertise, and certification.


Our project mangers key skills are:

  • Dedicated project managers who are action-oriented, well-organized, and disciplined

Meeting all of the project demands and timelines starts with high-level organizational skills and dedication. The good organization and detail-orientation is the key that our project managers rely on.


Part of their main activities is tasks prioritizing, appropriate delegation to avoid confusion, carefully planning all the steps of the project lifecycle, and predicting possible issues.


  • Efficient stakeholder and team management skills

As we mentioned above, good communication skills are the fundamental of team and project management.


The clear and conscience communication with everyone involved in the project (from the team and clients to stakeholders and customers) is one of the essential skills of our project managers.


Whether that’s through online discussions, reporting tools or meetings, they connect people to ensure working team relationships and early stakeholder engagement.


  • High-level knowledge of tech work areas

Our project managers not only know the technical tools and systems the teams utilize but also the potential and limitations of those.


This way they have a productive and efficient communication with team, clients, and stakeholders.

The deep understanding of how and why the technical job is done allows our project managers to estimate the time and cost of a project, to operate with work scheduling software, to present technical reports, and to evaluate the project progress.


  • Understanding the overall vision and client's goals

Our project managers truly believe that the deep understanding of the overall vision and client's goals leads to project success and exceptional results that meet the client expectations.


Hence, they maintain a great communication with the client to determine project scope, test a project's result, and change priorities as clients realize new needs.



It’s not only our products and solutions that make Upnetix a successful tailored software company - it’s mainly our people.


All of our project managers possess a deep commitment to the clients, team, and work. There is nothing we enjoy more than helping our clients reach their business goals and needs.


In the end, the building of exceptional software solutions begins with dedicated and result-driven people who have a passion for excellence.