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iOS in Education: Apple continues to conquer vertical markets

14 Jan 2016

Apple, who just released iOS 9.3 beta 1, has also published a preview of the new education-focused apps and features. Once again the iOS ecosystem was enriched with industry-specific solutions to further position its iPad devices.

Apple has just published an official preview in its website showcasing new education-focused applications and features, including Shared iPad for students, Classroom App, Apple School Manager and Managed Apple IDs.


What caught our attention was the elaborate Classroom App, which allows teachers easy access to any Shared iPad in the classroom. They can launch and lock an app, website or a page from the textbook simultaneously on all devices in order to keep students on track. Also they can check on what a student is doing by simply tapping of the feature Screen View and even share their work with AirPlay without the need of an Internet connection. The admin interface of this app is turning out to be quite ingenious, yet clear in design and experience for every user.


Another interesting feature of Apple’s new education software is the Managed Apple IDs, which allows a 3rd party to manage numerous accounts. They can be created in bulk, changed and customized at any time and the manager can even reset ID passwords. These accounts of course are strictly designed for school use, but like any Apple ID, they allow to store documents, download apps from iTunes and more. This multi-user mode could possibly be on the way with the next major iOS release, where the Touch ID system could play a major role in the feature as different fingerprints could open up different configurations for Apple devices.


Apple continues to grow its ready-to-use software solutions for particular industries, attempting to position itself as more than a brand for the enlightened. By stepping into the educational system the company is trying to achieve more than innovation in technology, it is trying to bring about full enablement of the user.


Let’s see how the “iOS in Education” bundle goes, keeping in mind the tight budgets in the education industry versus the iPad elevated price levels.