Today information matters more than ever. As a full-service provider, Upnetix offers a full range of development & consultancy services, constantly challenging ourselves to improve the way we do things. Innovation is our middle-name. So go on and follow the latest technology trends and news, as well as our in-house R&D activities, because we like to share our know-how with our users.

GoodFirms Swayed by the Success of Upnetix Through Their Cient - Tailored Solutions

GoodFirms’ research on Upnetix suggests that our company has been delivering extraordinary solutions across various industries. Our achievements have made us eligible for a prestigious listing among the top Java developers and top Android app developers at GoodFirms.

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Upnetix awarded first prize for its Dynamic Development

The b2b Media Annual Awards marked the best businesses, technological innovations, and campaigns using innovative thinking to achieve meaningful results. Upnetix was recognized among the best performing enterprises, winning the first place in the „Dynamic Development” category.

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App Indexing: How to Index an App on Google Search and Why?

What is Google App Indexing? Why is it important and what are the key benefits? App indexing is becoming critical for boosting your mobile app downloads, re-engaging those who have your app installed and improving your overall digital marketing efforts and brand visibility.

22 May 2018 Continue reading

Aligned technology stack for high-velocity development (Node.js + GraphQL + MongoDB)

What is a tech stack?  Why and how the powerful aligned technology stack (Node.js + GraphQL + MongoDB) can be a driver for modern web and mobile apps? Flexibility, efficiency, high-velocity development, and quality of apps as key benefits of utilizing the revolutionary tech solutions for software development.

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Immutable environments, that are easier to re-deploy than repair

What is immutable infrastructure? As a highly important tool for modern software development, the immutable infrastructure benefits include predictability, reliability, proven quick recovery, simplicity of deployment, fewer failures, and close to zero downtimes.

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