The Business Challenge

MediaHub has significant experience in multimedia content delivery and has identified a vast gap in the streaming solutions. For that reason they teamed up with Upnetix to develop an innovative Android-based set-top box IPTV application. The purpose is to challenge ordinary television streaming with a new concept of IPTV technology, providing the unique experience of browsing content of various broadcasted shows and films around all TV providers, using just internet connection.

The Solution

Key Features:

  • The content of all broadcasted shows and films has up to 10 days storage time
  • Complex adaptive streaming, implemented to give the highest picture quality
  • Unparalleled quality and speed, following optimization of buffering and lagging during fast forward
  • Unique customized UI/UX, tailored to the end TV operator
  • Highest TV quality available for IPTV
  • Content focused streaming, regardless of TV programs
  • Integrated custom features: fast forward, rewind, pause/stop, menu etc.

The Result

MediaHub emerged on the market as one of the pioneers in the IPTV streaming technology with the cutting edge product, for which Upnetix had a great input in providing an outstanding Android-based solution.

  • Distinctive customized TV design that boosted the recognition of the client
  • One of the first technologies of this kind, providing such a high quality streaming, to step on the market in the country
  • Substantial growth in competitiveness
  • Pioneer status in IPTV technology
  • Expansion of client range through an innovative product

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