The Business Challenge, part of Prospecto Group, is a leading provider of digital catalog solutions for retailers on a global scale. Because of the growing influence of smartphones these days they realized the prosperous opportunity of having their own unique mobile app. Upnetix created for them world-class native mobile apps for iOS and Android that were adapted to their existing website and equipped with a great amount of added value and new features.

The Solution

Key features:

  • Custom approach in the design and development of the app
  • Exceptional design of a specific UI/UX for the client
  • Location-based marketing
  • Integration with Google maps
  • Custom alerts
  • Cluster plugin, integrated in the map to scale stores better
  • Map of nearby store’s brochures – only for mobile
  • Shopping list, using linked labels to specific products
  • Integration of wish list – only for mobile

The Result

With the amazing new mobile app available, now users can search for stores nearby, check their operating hours, find current promotions and deals which are being updated on a daily basis, add items to their personal shopping list and a lot more. Upnetix created a more convenient and elaborate way to browse and shop for daily products and the outcome had a tremendous effect on

  • Optimization of the search for products in the stores, made more comfortable and convenient for the users through the mobile app
  • Expansion to foreign markets
  • Growing market share and digital influence
  • Boosted revenue from banner adds, resulted from growth in users
  • Evolution of an already successful business model
  • Award nomination for best mobile app
  • Substantial growth in log-ins per day
  • Instant surge in downloads of the mobile app – 30 000+
  • Place in Top 5 of the most perspective and developing young companies in Bulgaria
  • Tremendous ecological potential as the printed paper brochures and all the impact from their creation and delivery will eventually be overcome

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